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Kakono Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg - Headquartered - ICT Company. We are Innovators of Consumer & Business Technology Solutions for a Charging Africa. We are made up of individuals with exceptional skills, impeccable values, rich histories and depth of knowledge in various management & technology disciplines. Skills development & transfer are key ideals. 36% of Kakono is Black South African Women Owned.

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Best in Class Loan Finance Solution

Everything starts with Core

The Xpertek Acquire core lending platform manages in excess of R12 billion worth of loans across its client base. It is a best in class loan finance solution administering and managing all types of loans from asset and vehicle finance to home loans, personal loans, rentals, securitised rentals, secondary rentals, revolving credit and recurring or premium billing.

Acquire combines rich functionality with cutting-edge technology. Its clients benefit from a sophisticated, yet easy to use product builder and the technology can be upgraded without difficulty while allowing for easy integration and infinite scalability. These advantages enable Acquire’s clients to outperform their peers.

Issues faced in Core Lending Systems

In the majority of cases, financial institutions run spreadsheets or systems they have built themselves, possibly pre-internet era systems designed for simple lending products and patched up over time to meet changing technology and customer needs. This has left them with major issues:

How the product helps

The Xpertek core lending solution is an open, integrated and real-time platform providing:

Acquire Core Features Include:

Product Builder

Product Builder is used to customise all types of lending products such as asset finance, loans (secured and unsecured), accounts (cards and revolving credit), recurring or premium billing, rentals including secondary rentals and discounted payment streams.

How it's Delivered

This is achieved by creating all the relevant GL accounts in the Acquire Core system and linking them to the various transaction types. A GL handoff file that is produced out of the Acquire Core system, based on summarised or detailed transactions, can be imported into the accounting system as and when required.

The system can produce financial reports on all transactions processed by the system, within a defined period and each transaction has an effective and post-date.

Acquire Process Manager (APM)

APM is a software tool that enables people within organisations to perform business processes and procedures efficiently and effectively while retaining management control. APM can operate as a stand- alone module. With our focus on financial services the processes which we typically automate for our clients include:


There are many standard reports within the system and the system has a report builder where you can create any additional report of choice.


The system has a built in document editor that allows you to create templates for documentation generation. Once the documents are generated and sent to the clients they are stored against the customer record for later retrieval.


Acquire allows for integration using API’s, webservices, text or .csv files. Typically this is used but not limited to credit bureau integration, bank disbursement files, GL hand-off files and SMS integration.

Acquire Arrears Management Module

Users of the module can identify accounts in arrears and automatically assign them to a collector for action. Varied functionality enables the collector to: