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Kakono Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg - Headquartered - ICT Company. We are Innovators of Consumer & Business Technology Solutions for a Charging Africa. We are made up of individuals with exceptional skills, impeccable values, rich histories and depth of knowledge in various management & technology disciplines. Skills development & transfer are key ideals. 36% of Kakono is Black South African Women Owned.

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1. Managed Print Service occurs in the following three stages:

Stage 1.

In order to “Gain control of your Fleet”, we need to understand what document devices are currently in operation, how regularly

they are used, and what your office personnel’s requirements are.

Estimated time to complete: 1 to 3 months

Stage 2.

In order to “Optimise your Fleet”, we will need to ensure that these devices are deployed in the most cost-effective and convenient manner for all employees.

Estimated time to complete: 3 months to several years

Stage 3.

In order to “Enhance your business processes”, Kakono will implement document output management solutions, which

will optimise your business’s processes and operations.

Estimated time to complete: after the initial implementation the process is ongoing.

2. The importance of having a Managed Print Service strategy.

A. Savings

A managed print environment results in significant savings of at least 30%.

Little attention is typically paid to document output devices in the IT sphere, and as a result important budgeting decisions based on limited, unreliable data have been the norm.

Savings cannot be realised if your print fleet is unmanaged, however:

Most CFO’s are aware of the three “C’s”. The MPS model successfully achieves these through:

i. Control – guaranteeing control of all areas

ii. Continuity – ensuring there is continuity through all processes

iii. Cost containment – making certain that all costs are accounted for and contained.

B. Staff productivity

Time is expensive and rarely accurately accounted for. If an office’s document environment is not managed effectively, staff can waste significant amounts of time—and money—retrieving documents. Often these costs are overlooked while in fact the cost-per-pages printed pales in comparison to the price of wasted productivity.

C. IT core business

IT services are costly and employing highly qualified IT personnel to solve simple printer problems is, simply, a waste of valuable resources. With MPS, Kakono employees are on-hand to resolve all printer-related problems, reducing staff downtime and typically freeing up 10% of your IT department’s time.

D. Environment

“Green IT” is no. 1 in top 10 technology trends.

With ever increasing pressure on the environment, exploring areas in which one can reduce carbon emissions is high on corporate agendas. Through employing Kakono’s MPS solution in your office, you can reduce hardcopy carbon emissions by as much as 60%.

3. Summary of the Kakono's MPS Process

  1. Introduction and “Buy-in”
  2. Understanding the “Values”
  3. The Assessment
  4. Proposal
  5. Agreements
  6. Implementation
  7. Ongoing Management
  8. Enhance Business Process

Kakono’s MPS solution effectively outsources your office’s document management, transforming your office’s document processes and eliminating many of the associated costs, saving you the earth.

Document production (including printing, copying, faxing and scanning) makes up a significant portion of the over- heads of any business, and can eat away as much as 5% of a business’s turnover.  Furthermore, roughly 99% of offices’ document processes are unmanaged. The document environment has been called the “Last opportunity for significant cost savings within the IT environment.”

Through our MPS solution, Kakono conducts a detailed audit of your office’s document operations, enabling you to understand all the costs that you are currently incurring and how to achieve significant savings.

From detailed user reporting and pro-active machine fault alerts to electronic archiving of documents, Kakono supplies the tools and expertise to implement a holistic and effective solution, customised to your office’s unique environment.

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Kakono Managed Print Services (MPS)