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Kakono Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg - Headquartered - ICT Company. We are Innovators of Consumer & Business Technology Solutions for a Charging Africa. We are made up of individuals with exceptional skills, impeccable values, rich histories and depth of knowledge in various management & technology disciplines. Skills development & transfer are key ideals. 36% of Kakono is Black South African Women Owned.

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One Africa Foundation (OAF)

OAF is the brainchild and beneficiary to one of Kakono’s strategic partners, Intercorp; Kakono has adopted the organisation as its primary Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative.One Africa Foundation (OAF) was established as a trust by Intercorp’s founders. OAF’s vision is to play a notable role in socio-economic and cultural developmental agenda on the African Continent with a strong belief that Africans can create better livelihoods for Africans.

The basis of OAF’s philosophy being to understand the unique needs of individuals, families and communities and how these, generated through interactive research can become a source of credible data and information that can be used to identify and craft innovative and sustainable solutions within the context of prescribed parameters by Governments and other authoritative bodies.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Greenheart Foundation

Greenheart Foundation is focused on supporting the vision and great ideals of the world’s young citizens who have a passion for the earth we live on, its species and ecosystems. Kakono provides all the financial support for Greenheart’s operations.

Formed by Nicole, Sean and Janice Ruwodo the organisation has through some innovative ideas raised in excess of R50,000 in cash, goods and funding to support two organisations which rely on financial support and goodwill to supplement incomes; namely The Hope School and Princess Alice Adoption Home. The Greenheart also supports Hospice Wits in many fundraising activities.

HospiceWits … take a moment

HospiceWits provides care and support to the communities within the Johannesburg Metropolitan District, primarily Johannesburg and Soweto.

Palliative care is the holistic care of someone diagnosed with a life threatening illness. It includes pain management and symptom control, psychological, emotional and spiritual counselling and is offered to any and all whether or not they are able to pay. Our support extends to the family of patients. Our values of dignity, integrity and respect inform everything we do and we strive to provide palliative care that is world class

We are compassionate, sympathetic and supportive - we care.

ESA - Eradicate Substance Abuse

Eradicate Substance Abuse (ESA) was born out of a realisation that excessive abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco based products are key drivers of social and moral decay affecting families around the world in every way and manner possible.

ESA is currently based Harare, Zimbabwe and intends to grow the organisation globally reaching every corner of the world where people have suffered and continue to experience the wrath of substance abuse. ESA aims to positively impact the world through an ongoing multi-stakeholder engagement process which involves governments, substance manufacturers and their partners, consumers especially children.

Kakono Technologies provides ongoing financial support to ESA collaborating on several fundraising activities and awareness campaigns.