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Kakono Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg - Headquartered - ICT Company. We are Innovators of Consumer & Business Technology Solutions for a Charging Africa. We are made up of individuals with exceptional skills, impeccable values, rich histories and depth of knowledge in various management & technology disciplines. Skills development & transfer are key ideals. 36% of Kakono is Black South African Women Owned.

Accounting & Audit


Architecture & Construction

Education - Adult Literacy

Education - Early Childhood Development

Education - Primary & High School

Education - Tertiary

Financial Services - Banking

Financial Services - Capital Markets

Financial Services - Insurance

Government - Central

Government - Municipal & Local


Hospitality - Hotels & Lodges

Hospitality - Restaurants & Fast Food

Legal & Law

Media & Communications


NGO - International

NGO - Local & Regional

Real Estate - Development

Real Estate - Management

Security & Intelligence

SMB (Small to Medium & Business)

Supply Chain - Distribution & Logistics

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Supply Chain - Retail


Transportation - Air

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TEL: +27 11 317 3890



Who we are - Download Corporate Profile

Kakono® Technologies is an established and recognisable Innovator in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Supply and Service Provision Industry.

Founded by a mature accounting and finance executive with 26 years’ experience in the insurance, travel, oil and media industries and a young serial entrepreneur who is a seasoned information technology expert with exceptional global technology-vendor and multi-industry expertise earned over 15 years.

Kakono® is established and taking on Africa’s challenges. Kakono® has an inherent association with Intercorp, a regional technology investment business with expertise to support the human resourcing and knowledge capability.

The business is focused on delivering integrated and turnkey (end-to-end) technology solutions:

(1) Business-Technology Consulting,

(2) Supply of Computer Hardware and Software Technology Solutions,

(3) Placement and Outsourcing of ICT Human Resources and;

(4) Provision of Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture, Cloud/Hosting Infrastructure and Business Technology Solutions.


Understanding our customers is core. Kakono® undertakes a myriad of globally accepted best practices to provide consulting services aimed at better understanding clients’ needs and provisioning for a sustainable roadmap for the business and its stakeholders. Key services include:

- BTRR (Business Technology Review & Roadmap)

- Business Process Engineering

Partner Centric

Vendor Relationships




Kakono® supplies a wide range of Hardware and Infrastructure Solutions from a wide variety of vendors including but not limited to:

- HP

- Lenovo

- Dell

- Acer


- Oracle Hardware

- Samsung

Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future.

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Africa’s Charging Economy

“Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future.”

Jomo Kenyatta

The spirit of the continent remains elusive to this day - strong, resilient, and free as a young bull roaming the hills of time. In Shona, a ‘young bull’ is Kakono®.

Six of the World’s ten-fastest-growing-economies of the past decade are in sub-Saharan Africa; Kakono® Technologies primary market. Kakono is applying its energies towards the transformation of Africa's institutions through sharing its depth of knowledge and expertise in ICT Solutions.  Kakono aspires for people, organisations and Africa to reach their full potential.

We’re about leading where other’s will follow in the ICT Solutions, Supply and Service Provision Industry all the while mindful of our critical responsibility in transforming Africa.


Established by entrepreneurs with extensive corporate, public sector and international organisation experience with more than a decade of broad technology vendor and industry expertise, Kakono® Technologies is as disciplined, determined and hard-working. We take pride in the products and services we provide to our expanding client-base supported by best-in-class technology benchmarking solutions.

Success is about taking the lead and staying ahead; We are about solutions that propel you to the front of the herd.

Products and Services

With a myriad yet dynamic set of strong strategic partnerships, Kakono® is capable of delivering solid turnkey technology solutions:

- Supply & Delivery of Technology Solutions

- Installation, Configuration & Management

- Technical Support Services (Service Level Agreements)

We have an inherent association with Intercorp Holdings, a regional investment business with expertise to support our technology implementation capability and one with Mahle Consulting to underpin the human resourcing capability.


In business, if there is no innovation, stagnation ensues, and Kakono® Technologies’ strongest suit is its emphasis on innovation. We strive to be uniquely innovative in developing technology solutions that will exceed the expectations of both our clients and the market.

Kakono® Technologies also realises that delivering business-enabling solutions lies in partnering with companies and individuals that have highly specialised strengths. Kakono has enrolled to select partner programmes with best of breed global and local technology vendor companies and partnered a myriad of technical experts to build requisite competencies to enable seamless delivery of holistic and well integrated technology solutions.

Because technology innovation is so fast, complex and competitive; market dynamics are constantly shifting. Our aim is to offer:

Our delivery solutions frameworks are guided by close ties with key global technology vendors through their thought leadership, large investment in research and development, as well as in trends and new age technologies.


Our work and ability to Innovate extends across:

Kakono® Technologies, we are the architects of Integrated Business Technology Solutions in a Charging Africa.

Contact us:

Kakono® Technologies (Pty) Ltd

8 Briolette Street, Jukskei Park, Johannesburg, 2153, South Africa

+27 11 074 6979

Kakono® is an authorised supplier of and partner to several renowned software companies. Kakono has a strong R & D focus and promotes local software development initiatives with a view to promoting the IT intellectual property industry. Software partner include:

- Microsoft

- Software AG

- Oracle

- Ubuntu

- Xpertek

Jomo Kenyatta